Art in the service of a conviction

Au-revoir camarade

“Au-revoir camarade’’ est le premier « Au-revoir camarade » is the first project of the association Art’situ. This global project is a series of four expeditions all around the world.

The aim is to place realistic and real-size sculptures of endangered animals within the natural habitat of their living models.

Each sculpture bears the same name “Au-revoir camarade” which is translated into the language of the host country.

Concerned, Pascal Bejeannin puts his art at the service of his beliefs and wants to do his part.

He has been a privileged observer of the provocateurs of all forms of violence, of the victims under their domination, and of their conflictual relationship. He imagines how to challenge these absurdities: a loop between art, education, humanitarian, environment, discovery, travel, art, education, and so on.

The “Au-revoir camarade” project is the physical illustration of this loop that stands against the irrational omnipotence of the Human. Art'situ and Pascal want to highlight the exaggerated dominance of man over man and his environment.

During his life, Pascal has seen the harsh reality of conflict. This reality in which religious or dogmatic pretexts allow powerful warlords to abduct children into soldiers and to reduce girls to sexual slavery.

While in other countries, rich polluters push the absurdity to create pharaonic projects highlighting their power without considering the human and ecological consequences. Art'situ wants to gather around a sculpture all the people directly concerned by these realities, to relay the facts relating to a military, social or ecological conflict.


He imagines how his art can make a lasting impression:
his art becomes symbolic.

Imagine a steel polar bear on an melting iceberg in Greenland, a steel bear crossing the Arctic Ocean as the figurehead of an ice-breaking sailboat.

Imagine a steel mountain gorilla in the heart of the Ugandan jungles and juntas, a steel gorilla crossing Kenya and Uganda in the back of a pickup truck.

Imagine a steel sea turtle diving between the coral reefs of the Galapagos Islands, a steel turtle crossing the Pacific Ocean from Panama in search of what we imagine to be a haven of peace.

The search for aesthetics and symbolism is very important to this project :“Au-revoir camarade”, but also the understanding of the consequences for - and the issues of - the future.

It’s also, a premature truth (that some will call utopia), phantasmagoric expeditions around the globe, a series of revealing and sensitive documentary films, a testimony of the subtle nuance between wealth and fragility of Life.